Our Services.

The California Life Care Planning Association offers a host of services to best guide our clients through unthinkable hardship. From determination of Life Care Plan use, all the way to Consultative Examinations, CLCPA offers the answers you need to the questions you have.

Life-Care-Plan-Development  Our Services Life Care Plan Development

Life Care Plan Development

Life Care Plans are generated to meet the specific needs of an individual and their family. A Life Care Plan will provide an organized, detailed plan that estimates a person’s estimated future medical needs. Each Life Care Plan is unique, so variations between plans of individuals with similar disabilities/injuries will occur.

Life Care Plans Critiques

Who needs a Life Care Plan? Typical Life Care Plans we develop are for people with injuries such as spinal cord injury, birth injury, traumatic brain injury, amputations, chronic pain, chronic health conditions, geriatric needs, people with special needs.

In addition to generating Life Care Plans we also critique Life Care Plans. We work with both plaintiff and defense attorneys with our Life Care Plan generation as well as critiques.

Medical Cost Projection

Medical Cost Projection is an assessment of an individuals medical condition, future medical requirements, and associated costs.

Medical Bill Review

Medical Bill Review allows our billing experts to provide expert reports on past medical bills. Our reports provide usual customary, and reasonable rates for the medical bills that are reviewed. We are reliable, transparent, and consistent. We do bill review for both plaintiff and defense attorneys, as well as individuals looking for an assessment of their medical bills.

Medical-Bill-Review  Our Services Medical Bill Review

Consultative Examinations

Consultative Examinations allow us to communicate, interview and examine the injured party. This allows us to provide an assessment and discuss future care. In areas of high Covid-19 infectivity, or for clients who prefer to be seen remotely, we also offer telehealth consultative examinations, that allow us to fully assess the client without risk of infection to anyone.

Medical Case Consultations

Medical Case Consultations allows us to prepare case analysis using current medical literature and current standard of care practiced by our clinically active physicians. We can prepare medical chronologies or other summaries of documentation in the medical record to allow you to have the best research data available. We will help answer your medical questions and help you better understand the pre-existing medical conditions that can affect your case.

We Attend IME/DMEs and observe as well as document the medical exam and/or treatment rendered.